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"My astrological vocabulary was seriously enriched by Benjamin's brilliant explanations ... I've gained so much confidence from his mentoring!"

Palmyra Fantopoulou

"Benjamin's mentoring left me with new tools and a change in perspective. This helped me develop a new vision with my own astrology consultations and business."
Valeria Torres
"Your mentoring informs and illuminates every client session I do and every conversation I have about astrology. I am forever grateful for your shining spirit and guidance."
Hal Bahr
What is the Astrology Mentoring Membership?
This one-of-a-kind membership provides astrology mentoring, community support and much more. If you know the basic meanings of planets, signs, houses and aspects, this membership can help you!

AMM's founder, Benjamin Bernstein, has delighted everyone from novice interpreters to seasoned professionals with his expert astrology mentoring. The abundantly stocked study archive will add even more insight to your astrological education!
What you'll get
Mentoring at your level
Many astrology mentoring groups throw students of all levels together in the same class. It can be boring to sit through material you already know, and frustrating when you're in over your head! But here you can have a consistently helpful experience ... as you learn with students at your ability level.
A welcoming community
So many astrology students feel lonely and isolated because they study and practice on their own. But here you'll have a warm online community. You can ask questions, share insights, and develop nurturing relationships with your fellow students!
100+ bonus MP3+PDF sets
I dug into my podcast archive and extracted over 100 MP3+PDF sets. These await you in the archive ... with many more to come! These feature in-depth listener chart interpretations, celebrity charts, and astrologer interviews. Dive into these at your own pace to take your learning even deeper!
Benjamin Bernstein...
  • has successfully mentored student and professional astrologers for 10+ years.
  • hosts This Week in Astrology, a Top 10 Astrology Podcast Award winner ... after it was  iTunes' #1 astrology podcast for many years.
  • is a 3-time Best Astrologer Winner in Western North Carolina’s premier reader survey.
  • has done 8000+ life-transforming sessions with a global clientele.
  • has 250+ 5-star (highest rating) client reviews
  • has lectured or taught at five national astrology conferences and retreats
  • wrote the Shamanic Astrology chapter in the book Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier.
How this mentoring membership will help you:
  • Interpret natal charts better. You’ll learn how to gain crucial insights into any part of a person's life ... by skillfully integrating their planets, points, signs, houses and aspects.
  • See the upside. Learn how to see the positive, life-affirming opportunities in challenging astrological situations.
  • Make up missed classes easily. Every class will be permanently archived as a video and MP3. Miss a class? Watch or hear it anytime!
  • HUGE savings vs. private mentoring. The average cost for private astrology mentoring is $120/hour. But this group mentoring is less than $25/hourYou save 80%!
  • Lifetime Rate Guarantee. The cost to join this membership will go up over time. But as an existing member, you have a lifetime rate lock-in. As long as you're a member, your educational investment will stay at the same low rate!
  • Money back guarantee & easy exit. If you're not satisfied, just cancel within the first 30 days and receive a full refund. After that, cancel anytime and pay nothing more.
Benefits for Level 2 Students
Deepen your understanding of ...
  • Transits. Learn about stage setters vs. triggers, orbs of influence, and how to milk the best possible outcome from any transit.
  • Secondary Progressions. Learn how these super-slow planets reflect evolving shifts in interest and orientation.
  • Solar Arcs. Learn how this snail's-pace movement system can reveal awesome timing opportunities!
  • Solar Returns. Learn how these “birthday charts” show important 12-month themes.
  • Eclipses. Learn how these "lunations on steroids" catalyze narrow-band natal sectors.
  • Synastry. Learn how to identify the "hot spots" of challenge and flow in any relationship: spouse, lover, family, friends, business and more!
  • Electional. Learn how to choose the best starting moment for important events. Ideal for house listings, elective surgery, weddings and much more.
I Searched High and Low ...

I searched high and low on the web, but couldn't find any other group astrology mentoring with AMM's deep level of support. Where else can you find an ongoing membership that offers level-specific mentoring, a supportive community of fellow astrology students, a treasure trove of bonus study material, and all the other awesome stuff described above?

You’re reading this because you want to take your astrology interpretation skills to the next level. You want to understand your own chart better. And you want to serve others by giving them the best possible astrological insightsTake the next step in your journey to masterful chart interpretation now!

Next you'll learn more about the specific level of mentoring you'll be doing. Below are two yellow boxes. Click the one that best describes your current knowledge level.

I know the basics -- planets, signs, houses and aspects -- but can't integrate them into an insightful natal interpretation yet
I can interpret natal charts, but want to learn about more advanced topics ... including transits, secondary progressions, solar arcs and solar returns. 
Not sure which level to choose? Just take your best guess. You can always change levels!
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