Ready to Shift from Suffering to Bliss?
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Imagine flowing through your life with harmony, ease, and grace. You "walk between the worlds” all day, every day. Your human self is comfortably merged with your higher self, and this exquisite state is your “new normal”.

Suffering? It's a distant memory. Mental chatter and challenging emotions hardly ever happen, and you clear them easily when they do. “Flow state” is your customary consciousness. Intuitive guidance comes as easily as your next breath.

You know why you’re here on earth. You live your life with clear purpose and abundant joy. You have awakened ... and your awakening keeps blossoming into even more awesome, ecstatic states. 

Before your awakening, you would sometimes say, "It doesn't get any better than this." Now you say, "It always gets better!"

"My life is so sweet, simple, satisfying in spiritual growth and love … my light twinkles clear and bright, my balance is stable, and I now recognize being earthbound was by choice and essential. This membership helps me continue to grow and sweetens my daily walk on this planet!"

     -- Kathryn Cole, Asheville, NC
But Right Now ...

It may feel like you're constantly worrying about something. That awful mind chatter never seems to stop. And fear stops you from having the experiences that you yearn for.

Then there’s indecision. You’re confused about making the right choices. You hesitate to make big changes because of how they might affect those you love. And you’re worried about how others might judge you if you show the world your authentic self.

This all gets stressful, doesn't it? How often have you wished you could stop feeling so anxious, agitated and irritable? How many things have you tried, in vain, to free yourself from constant restlessness and discomfort? 

And even that isn’t all! What about your annoyance, anger and hatred? Apathy, lethargy and sadness? Insecurity, heartbreak and jealousy?

Finally, there's an even bigger picture. Has humanity ever faced a global crisis on such a vast scale before? How are you supposed to keep your center when the whole world seems to be falling apart?

The Eye of the Storm

Even if the world seems to be going crazy, you want to feel confident, safe and secure. You want to stride through your life with boldness and confidence.

You want your baseline state to be calm and still. Tranquil and relaxed. You want to feel in the depths of your being that “all is well” … no matter who else is coming unglued. A situation may have been traumatic or overwhelming before ... but now you want to meet it with a serene smile.

You’re not just in this for yourself, either. You’re alive at this critical moment for a reason: you came to earth to help! 

You can see that a global awakening is underway. And you can feel it in your bones: you signed up at the soul level to help support this epic shift in consciousness. You want clear, constant guidance so you can fulfill your divine mission.

A 2-Part Solution

I and your fellow Awakening Plus members can help you with a 2-part solution.

First, I'll teach you simple invocations for embodied awakening and self-healing. Since 2011, these invocations have helped thousands of people walk between the worlds and clear their heavy energy.

But for most people, these invocations aren't enough by themselves ... because most people don't stick with them. They'll have an initial awakening, and marvel at their newfound bliss. But they'll slip back into their old habit patterns within a few days. That ecstatic divine consciousness flickers out.

Had they just spent 5 or 10 minutes a day with these invocations, these nearly effortless techniques could have profoundly transformed their life. But they didn't, and their awakening is forgotten.

So the second way I'll help you is with a support network. This will help you remember, embody and deepen your divinity. And it will be available 24/7 to help you keep your awakened state thriving! 

You'll get to participate in live online events to strengthen your awakening. You can enjoy 250+ recordings charged with the exact spiritual energy you need.

You'll receive support from me and your nurturing community of fellow seekers in our members-only online forum. And you can pair up with an accountability partner to help you stay on track with your goals!
Why and How

Why did I create Awakening Plus?

Because it's my life purpose ... and greatest joy! ... to help people activate or deepen their awakening, heal on all levels, and fulfill their soul mission! 

How am I qualified to help you with this?

For starters, I've been running online spiritual support memberships for over 5 years. I've learned how to call in and maintain safe sacred space. This makes sure that each participant has the experience that serves their highest good -- regardless of where they are, and whether they're experiencing a live call or recording.

Also, I help people for a living! I’ve done over 8000 Astrology, Shamanic Healing and Life Coaching sessions with a global clientele. And people seem to think I do it well: my clients have given me hundreds of 5-star reviews (highest rating), and I’ve won 3 “Best Astrologer” awards.

I'm also qualified to help you because of what I've learned through my personal experiences. I’ve logged over 60 years in this body so far, with ever-increasing devotion to my personal, shamanic and spiritual growth. I’ve forged ahead when I was scared, followed my inner guidance the best I could, and learned to reframe my “mistakes” as learning experiences. I’ve lived an adventurous life devoted to fulfilling my soul purpose … so I can help you do it too!

Specifically Shamanic

I was called to be a shamanic healer by ayahuasca, the living spirit of a powerful sacred plant medicine. I’ve traveled to the Peruvian jungle four times to participate in deep-immersion ceremonial work with ayahuasca.

I've participated in about 200 ayahuasca and other plant spirit ceremonies. I hadn't realized that my prior decades of spiritual work had been creeping along at impulse power ... until ayahuasca suddenly catapulted me to warp speed! 

This profound work radically accelerated my healing and awakening process, and has been central to the development of my shamanic healing abilities. I also did an intensive multi-year private shamanic apprenticeship. Thanks to all this, I can now access the spiritual dimensions anytime to assist others.

I’m an ordained Shamanic Minister and a certified Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator. I've also learned valuable tools and techniques from other shamanic traditions.

I do some of my shamanic work with Maeikisala, my co-shaman and beloved twin flame. She sometimes co-facilitates our Awakening Plus calls.

"Benjamin is an Angel from heaven! His program is an amazing gift to everyone. I can attest to healing and powerful awakening firsthand, and would suggest it to anyone with the desire to heal or awaken spiritually."

     -- Trababe Urban, Denver, CO
4 Key Components
Awakening Plus has 4 key components. These work together to give you optimal support for your journey of spiritual awakening!
1.  Live Online Spiritual Experiences
The Live Online Spiritual Experiences, at least 3 times per month, give you ongoing support you can always look forward to. These usually last 1 to 2 hours. They might be facilitated by me, me and Maeikisala, or a special guest presenter. 

These events support awakening, healing, soul growth and more. You can connect via Zoom or phone. 
Ecstatic Divine Group Consciousness

In this gentle meditation, you'll be guided into a deep state of embodied awakening ... then merge into an ecstatic divine group consciousness!

We begin by invoking safe sacred space, supported by many powerful divine beings of love and light. Then we do a series of invocations to help each person move into embodied awakening.

In embodied awakening, you'll experience the integration of your light body and physical body. This creates union with your Higher Self: a profoundly peaceful state free of thought and troubling emotions.

After each person has attained the deepest possible embodied awakening, we have the opportunity to merge into a single ecstatic divine consciousness. This includes and transcends your individual human awareness. Many people achieve dual consciousness, simultaneously aware of their individual human self and the blissful blended field.

Shamanic Awakening Ceremonies
The invocations in Ecstatic Divine Group Consciousness also happen during the Shamanic Awakening Ceremony. What's added is the power of shamanism!

I've been a professional shamanic healer since 2012. To amplify the power of the invocations, I sing and play various instruments.

During healing invocations, I ratchet up the energy to high intensity. I typically use voice, rattles and drum to help clear your heavy energies. When the celestial energy comes in, I may use angelic chimes or other high-vibration instruments. These will help you move into your deepest possible awakened state.

The Shamanic Awakening Ceremony is like Ecstatic Divine Group Consciousness ... on steroids!

"I haven’t felt such an intense group vibration in almost 30 years … vaster than I could have ever imagined … I don’t believe I have ever had a guided meditation carry me body and soul like this one did."

     -- Marielizabeth Barker, Henderson, NV
Divinely Directed
Another popular Awakening Plus event is called "Divinely Directed." This call is directed by Spirit's in-the-moment guidance, to serve each person's highest good

We start each Divinely Directed call by singing the directions, calling in our divine allies and making sure we have a safe, radiant sacred container. Then our guided group meditation spontaneously unfolds. I narrate the experience, serving as the group's "empathic tour guide."

Each Divinely Directed call is unique. However, a typical call features a subtle field being held. Within this sacred space, each person receives the specific awakening, healing, or spiritual experience that serves their highest good

In addition to these customized individual experiences, the group often blends together as a single divine being. Words like bliss and euphoria simply aren't adequate to describe some of the ecstatic spiritual experiences we share in the inner worlds!

We're often conscious in two or more levels of awareness at the same time, and we frequently serve the great global awakening. At the end, we usually send blessings to all beings, then close with questions and comments.

Healing happens on most of our calls ... whether or not it's in the event description. If the group is moving into a certain state of consciousness, some people may lag behind because of energetic blocks. Or they may be weighed down by heavy energy. In that case, our divine allies may give that person individual healing to help them catch up.

At other times, the whole group receives healing energy. This is always customized, with each person getting the unique healing experience that serves them best. Post-call feedback confirms that everybody has a different healing experience.

In other calls, healing is built into the agenda. As noted above, our Shamanic Awakening Ceremonies always have a potent healing section, with major releases of heavy energy.

We also sometimes do calls inspired by Lynne McTaggart’s “Power of Eight” process. In these, a single person receives healing energy from the entire group. Several people receive healing on each of these calls ... and, amazingly, the "senders" often receive more benefit than the "receivers"!

Guest Presenters
I'm fortunate to know many highly conscious people who share their life-transforming spiritual processes with us. You’ll be able to enjoy a new live guest presentation every month!
2.  Recorded Events
All Awakening Plus events are recorded, and you can replay them anytime. The energy of each event is held in the recording, and your experience with the recording can be powerfully transformative! Your Awakening Plus membership includes unlimited access to all recordings.

Some members discover favorite recordings, and play them over and over again. No matter how often you experience the same recording, it can always take you deeper!

In fact, repeating a recording can give you a completely different experience! Rather than being frozen in the recordings, our divine allies are always present in real time. This allows them to give you exactly what you need in each moment.

Awakening Plus is my third and most fully developed online spiritual membership. (The first two were called BASK and EASE.) All the online events from these earlier memberships are included in the Awakening Plus digital archive. You have a huge library of 250+ recorded events that you can stream and/or download ... with more always being added!

Not only that, but my special guide, "The Best Awakening Plus Archive Events", describes and links to the "best of the best" events in 11 categories. Let this time-saving guide point you toward the archived events that will help you most. Strategically accelerate your evolution with the most effective "Awakening Plus" processes!

Awakening Plus gives you so many transformative processes to experience. How much consciousness expansion can you make time for?

"I most enjoy the flexibility to enjoy your activations and invocations at a time that serves me. It is truly amazing how the energy stays within each recording so powerfully.

"I have relistened to several of the recordings, and each time I receive a unique experience! One recording was so powerful my spirit left my body completely. I am in complete gratitude for your service and blessings to all."

     -- Tracy
3.  Community Support

As a spiritual seeker, I know how lucky I am to live in a place like Asheville, North Carolina. Here I have hundreds of friends and acquaintances walking alternative spiritual paths.

But I so often talk to people who feel lonely and isolated in their spiritual life. Some don't know anyone else in their area who’s pursuing a metaphysical path. They feel called to the spiritual journey, but have no community to support them.

In other cases, the handful of conscious people someone knows locally hasn’t formed a spiritual practice or support group. Or if they have, the group vibe doesn’t feel right.

Is there no spiritual support group in your area? Or are you not comfortable with the groups that are there? That's where our members-only forum can help you.

Awakening Plus is developing a warm and caring online community. It's not yet abuzz with constant activity, but you can still get your questions answered, share your spiritual insights, and create nurturing, lasting friendships.

Have you ever joined an online community, then been disappointed because the leader never showed up? You won't have that letdown here. I'm a regular in the community -- answering questions, offering direction, and helping everyone's needs get met. This membership is dear to my heart, and I give it special attention!

I gave serious thought to our forum’s platform. Some groups meet on Facebook, where there are a million distractions. But we have our own private platform, distraction-free, so you can stay focused on why you came.

4.  Accountability Partner
One of your Awakening Plus benefits is that you can establish a relationship with an accountability partner

The accountability partner system is designed to prevent an unfortunate pattern. I mentioned this above, and see it all too often with my members and clients. They'll experience my invocations for embodied awakening and healing, and marvel at how much better they feel. I'll give them the daily maintenance instructions, which require almost no time or effort. They’ll even tell me how excited they are to start doing them every day!

But when I catch up with them months or years later, they usually haven't kept up their invocation practice. Typically, they’ll stop after a few days. 

As a result, they're usually still suffering from the same problems … which the invocations could have helped eliminate from their life. In contrast, the dedicated few who do stick with the invocations typically report a dramatically improved quality of life.

By the way, this lack of persistence isn’t unique to my invocations. Most people seem to have trouble sticking with anything new ... even if they know it’s important.

The American Society of Training and Development found that people have a 65% chance of meeting a goal when they commit to someone else. But when they check in regularly with an accountability partner, their chance of success skyrockets to 95%!

That's where an Awakening Plus accountability partner can support you. For example, those who choose to use my embodied awakening invocations may want to be held accountable to do them every day. 

But what you ask your accountability partner to hold you responsible for, and vice versa, is completely up to you two. So is the frequency. Daily, twice a week, weekly -- it's your choice. You can also decide how to communicate with each other. Private forum message, text, phone, Skype, Zoom -- do whatever serves you best.

Some people pay hundreds of dollars a year just for an accountability partner program. But it's included at no extra charge in Awakening Plus. Having an accountability partner may become one of your most valuable membership benefits!

This is a miraculous program for entering into the stillness – so simple and yet so powerful ... I have gone through a lot of different programs over the years, but I find this one truly enhancing my life.

     -- Anne Lise, Norway
  • When are the live events?

    First, a little perspective. Many Awakening Plus members don't do the live calls. They actually prefer the recordings! To explain why, I'll repeat part of Tracy's testimonial:

    I most enjoy the flexibility to enjoy your activations and invocations at a time that serves me ... It is truly amazing how the energy stays within each recording so powerfully. I have relistened to several of the recordings, and each time I receive a unique experience!” 

    As noted above, all live events are recorded and added to the archive. You can stream or download any of these 250+ recordings anytime. The energy of the event is held in the recording, and your experience can be powerfully transformative! The divine allies are present in real time, so they can always give you exactly what you need.

    I’m making such a big deal about this to drive home a simple point. Even if you never attend a live online event, you can still reap tremendous benefit from the recordings! 

    So now I'll answer the question more directly. Based on member preference, we usually do Live Online Spiritual Experiences on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Tuesday of each month, at 8 pm US eastern time. For the past few months, we've also been doing free weekly "New Earth Support" calls. These are on Thursdays at 8 pm EDT, and support the blossoming New Golden Age!

  • Your descriptions of embodied awakening, and how easy it is to achieve, sound too good to be true. Aren’t you exaggerating?

    A state of consciousness is inconceivable to a person who hasn't experienced it yet. Before I experienced embodied awakening, I would have had trouble believing that it was possible. A completely peaceful state with no mental chatter and no challenging emotions? And that maintains itself with no effort? Get real!

    I totally understand if you're skeptical. But the fact is that I've helped thousands of people achieve embodied awakening. Many had never even meditated before, but typically eased into the state in 5 or 10 minutes. I've guided people into embodied awakening at noisy parties, and at music festivals with rock music blaring so loud that I had to shout the instructions into their ear!

    Fortunately, awakening isn't as hard as it used to be. The veils between the worlds are getting thinner every day. Many venerated spiritual paths teach that awakening takes many years. And when those teachings were given, that may well have been true. But that's not necessarily the case anymore!

    All I can do is offer this experience to you at no risk. If you're not completely satisfied, you can cancel your membership within 30 days for a full refund. 

"The most powerful experience I’ve ever had … I feel peaceful for the first time in a very long while."

     -- Dr. Carrie L.

  • Will embodied awakening eliminate my suffering?

    You’ll almost certainly continue to experience some disharmonious thoughts and emotions after awakening. Most people do, including me!

    These patterns are deeply ingrained in your ego. They don't magically disappear the moment you wake up. The difference after you awaken -- and it's huge -- is that you can now choose how to engage with challenging energies. And you no longer have to suffer when they arise!

    Before awakening, most people think they are having thoughts and emotions. After awakening, you see that thoughts and emotions pop up on their own. They're like uninvited guests who barge in for a surprise visit.

    You don't necessarily have to do anything about thoughts and emotions. After awakening, you understand that you can choose to engage with them -- or just let them pass by.

    Before awakening, for example, you may believe that "I'm getting angry." After awakening, you see that anger is simply arising. It's not your anger. You can choose to fuel the anger's fire -- or relax back into the absolute peace that you are.

    As an awakened person, you no longer take thoughts and emotions personally. They lose their power to make you suffer. Over time, challenging thoughts and emotions arise less and less. Your "new normal" becomes a serene mind and a peaceful heart.

  • What kind of recordings are already in the library?

    The library contains 250+ recordings of spiritual events! To help you choose, each recording includes a title, description and duration.

    Categories include:

    More Gentle

    *  Heal And Awaken Invocations
    *  Ecstatic Divine Group Consciousness

    More Intense

    *  Group Healing
    *  Individual Healings

    Most Intense

    *  Shamanic Awakening Ceremonies

    Other Categories

    *  Divinely Directed
    *  Guest Presenters
    *  New Earth Support
    *  Special Topics
    *  Astrologically Focused Events
    *  Mostly Q&A

  • What's so special about Awakening Plus and your invocations for healing and awakening? Why should I choose this, when there are lots of other great programs and spiritual techniques out there?

    Of course, Awakening Plus and my invocations aren't the only way to experience your awakening. There are many beautiful paths to divine union.

    But, after 40+ years of spiritual seeking...

    These invocations are the quickest and most efficient tools of their kind I've ever experienced. No other self-help technique I know can help a person experience and maintain embodied awakening so easily. They're so simple: you ask for an energetic state, and your higher self delivers it!

    These invocations work for the vast majority who use them ... even if they've never meditated before. And the 4 pillars of Awakening Plus -- live calls, recordings, online community and an accountability partner -- are specifically designed to help you stay on track and optimize your spiritual journey.

    Maybe you're checking out Awakening Plus for a very good reason. Maybe your higher self guided you here. Maybe something that you'll experience through Awakening Plus will spark an important breakthrough.

    You'll never know until you try. All I can offer you is the risk-free opportunity to experience the Awakening Plus support system for yourself!

It's Time to Master the Challenges

Life can be hard, especially now as a new age is rising. That momentous shift is happening now … which is why we’re dealing with crises like the pandemic, climate change and massive species extinction. All the toxic sludge from 5000 years of dominator culture is flushing up from the depths to be cleared!

Is it any wonder that you’re dealing with so much worry, mind chatter and fear? That you can be frozen by indecision and fear of judgment? Even highly evolved people are struggling with stress, anxiety and a host of other challenging experiences these days.

But even in these volatile times, Awakening Plus can help you feel confident, safe and secure. Bold and confident. Tranquil and relaxed. The embodied awakening you’ll cultivate will help you know that “all is well” … even amidst all the craziness! And your fine-tuned inner guidance will reveal the specific service you came here to perform.

"You and Maeikisala have absolutely transformed my life … What you do…just trajects me to other realms. I adore your teachings, your singing, your insights, your relaxed humor and your interaction with each other ... This is how connecting with Source should be."

Infinite gratitude, Terri Strous, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Click the purple button for huge savings: a 1-year Awakening Plus membership for $99, instead of the usual price of $189. Exclusively for Alara Canfield Show subscribers!

Awakening Plus' live calls, event archive, supportive community and accountability partner are waiting to transform your life. I look forward to helping you inside the membership!

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FREE Videos: Invocations For Healing & Awakening

This FREE 4-part video series is my gift to you. It will give you a thorough understanding of Awakening Plus’ most important spiritual techniques: my Invocations for Healing and Awakening. 

These professionally produced slideshow videos feature my narration over key bullet points and striking graphics. It's a first-class production! 

This 42-minute series was created for another spiritual membership, whose leader loves my invocations. This is the first time these videos have been publicly available! And the entire series is yours to stream and/or download for free.

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