Awaken, Heal, and Thrive
Easily, Quickly, and Affordably
Have you been struggling to achieve spiritual awakening?
Or have you experienced awakening here and there ... but haven't fully locked in embodied awakening?

What about healing? Are there physical, emotional or mental issues that you've given your best shot, but failed to resolve? Have you made temporary progress ... only to have the problem keep coming back?

Have you used all the effort and willpower you could muster as you strived for healing and awakening?
Have you used visualization and imagination?
Have you done everything all those spiritual teachers, authors, podcasters, YouTubers and bloggers suggested ... but still came up short?
Video: Members Discuss Their Challenges

What if there was a better way?

An easier way?

One that took almost no time or effort?

One where you delegate your awakening and healing to your higher self ... then relax while it does it all for you?

Does this sound too good to be true?

That also would have been my response ... before I experienced the Instant Divine Assistance Invocations for myself. (We use these IDA Invocations all the time in Awakening Plus.)

It might be hard to believe that you can experience spiritual awakening within seconds – simply by requesting it from your higher self.

It might seem incredible that you could quickly and permanently heal a serious challenge – even one that's caused you years of physical, emotional or mental suffering – by delegating the work to your inner healer.

It might seem crazy to think that your divine self stands ready to fill you with any kind of energy you want – anytime you want it.

And it might seem far-fetched that you could have divine energy flow through you to powerfully heal and bless others – simply by calling it in and being a "hollow reed."

Are You Ready for a New Reality?

But this is what you can experience here. Many members stay with Awakening Plus – month after month, year after year – because their daily reality looks more and more like this:

You flow through life with harmony, ease, and grace. Your human self is comfortably merged with your higher self -- all day, every day. This exquisite state is your “new normal”.

Suffering? It's a distant memory. Mental chatter and challenging emotions hardly ever happen, and you clear them easily when they do. “Flow state” is your customary consciousness. Intuitive guidance comes as easily as your next breath.

You know why you’re here on earth. You live your life with clear purpose and abundant joyYou have awakened ... and your awakening keeps blossoming into even more awesome, ecstatic states. 

Before your awakening, you might have said, "It doesn't get any better than this." Now you say, "It always gets better!"

Video: Members' Spiritual Benefits and Experiences

"My life is so sweet, simple, and satisfying in spiritual growth and love. My light twinkles clear and bright, and my balance is stable.

"I now recognize being earthbound was by choice and essential. This membership helps me continue to grow, and sweetens my daily walk on this planet!"

   - Kathryn Cole, Asheville, NC

A Two-Part Solution

I and your fellow Awakening Plus members can help you with a two-part solution.

1. Invocations

First, you'll learn simple invocations for embodied awakening and self-healing. Since 2011, these "Instant Divine Assistance Invocations" have helped thousands of people stay consciously connected to their higher selves and clear heavy energy quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, most people who aren't members of Awakening Plus don't stick with the IDA Invocations. They'll have an initial awakening and marvel at their newfound bliss. But they'll slip back into their old habit patterns within a few days. Their ecstatic divine consciousness flickers out.

Had they just spent five or ten minutes a day with these invocations, these nearly effortless techniques could have profoundly transformed their lives! But they don't. They fall back into suffering, their awakening forgotten.

2. So Much Support!

Fortunately, Awakening Plus and its built-in support network will help you remember and deepen your embodied awakening. You can use it to keep your awakened state growing and thriving! 

You'll get to participate in live Zoom events -- at least eleven each month -- to strengthen your awakening. You can enjoy enlightening courses and over 650 recordings charged with the exact spiritual energy you need right now!

You'll receive support from me and your nurturing community of fellow seekers. This support includes:
*  A monthly Community Support call,
*  A monthly Ask Us Anything call,
* Monthly Office Hours
*  Our free "Members Helping Members" support service,
*  The ability to pair up with an accountability partner to stay on track with your goals, and
Continuous support from the Awakening Plus group energy field!

"Benjamin is an Angel from heaven! Awakening Plus is an amazing gift to everyone. I can attest to healing and powerful awakening firsthand, and would suggest it to anyone with the desire to heal or awaken spiritually."

   - Trababe Urban, Denver, CO

5 Key Components
Awakening Plus has 5 key components:
1.  Live Online Spiritual Experiences,
2.  Recorded Events,
3.  Courses,
4. Community Support, and
5.  Accountability Partners.
These work together to give you extraordinary support for your spiritual journey!
1.  Live Online Spiritual Experiences
We do Live Online Spiritual Experiences at least eight times per month. If you wish, you can participate in two to four live events each week, giving you consistent and reliable spiritual support.
These events usually last 60 to 90 minutes. I almost always facilitate or co-facilitate them.

These events support your spiritual awakening, healing, soul growth, divine service, and more. You can join us via Zoom or phone.

Awakening Plus has way more live calls than most online spiritual memberships. But don't let that overwhelm you, because ...
Our live events are entirely optional! Some members do lots of live calls, while others join us now and then. 

Most members prefer to experience our events when it's best for them. So, they choose from our life-transforming archive. This rich mother lode stretches all the way back to 2015, and contains more than 650 events!
Amazingly, our recorded events are just as powerful as our live Zoom calls!
We even have a "Best of" Guide. This helps you quickly and easily choose the archive events that are best for you. 
However you engage with our events, awesome experiences await you!
Here's some events you can experience:
Ecstatic Divine Group Consciousness

In this gentle meditation, you'll be guided into a deep state of embodied awakening ... then merge into an ecstatic divine group consciousness!

We begin by invoking safe sacred space, supported by many powerful divine beings of love and light. Then we do my four-part Embodied Awakening Invocation Cycle.

In embodied awakening, you'll experience the integration of your light body and physical body. This creates union with your Higher Self: a profoundly peaceful state free of thought and troubling emotions.

After each person has attained the deepest possible embodied awakening, we merge into a single ecstatic divine consciousness. This includes and transcends your individual human awareness

This all feels amazing, and can take your awakening to a whole new level!

Shamanic Awakening Ceremonies
The invocations in our "Ecstatic Divine Group Consciousness" event also happen during the Shamanic Awakening Ceremony. What's added is the awesome power of shamanism!

I've been a professional shamanic healer since 2012. During the healing section -- the centerpiece of this event -- I ratchet up the energy to high intensity. I pull out all the stops, singing and shaking rattles to clear your heavy energies.

You can heal old wounds and traumas during this part of the Shamanic Awakening Ceremony. This experience can be intense, but our divine allies will make sure you don't get overwhelmed.

After the healing section, exquisite celestial energy pours in from above. This will help you move into your deepest possible awakened state!
Shamanic Breathwork
Break through to deeper healing and awakening with Shamanic Breathwork! Supported by focused breathing and a potent recorded music mix, you can experience a natural altered state and spontaneous shamanic journeying.

This process can release old wounds, challenging emotions and dysfunctional patterns ... resulting in greater health and wholeness. You might also open to new levels of spiritual awakening!

I'm a certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. I'll introduce you to the process, hold space remotely during the music, and help you integrate afterward.
Do you love breathwork journeys with music? With the extraordinary value offered by Awakening Plus, this alone is enough reason to join us!

Here's why:

Superior Value. Online group breathwork sessions typically cost up to $44 each. That's more than an entire month of Awakening Plus – which offers not only breathwork, but so much more!

Downloadable Mixes. Most online breathwork events stream their mixes, but don't let you download them. They also may not identify the song titles or musicians.

But Awakening Plus lets you download the mixes. This gives you a higher-fidelity experience during our Zoom breathwork events – and lets you use them as often as you like afterward!

For each mix, I also list the title and artist of each track in the archive. This lets you explore artists more deeply if you like their music.

There are already more than a dozen breathwork events archived in Awakening Plus, with more coming. Each contains a 60- or 80-minute custom music mix, which I meticulously crafted to give you a powerful transformational experience. And you can download them all as soon as you join!

"I haven’t felt such an intense group vibration in almost 30 years … vaster than I could have ever imagined … I don’t believe I have ever had a guided meditation carry me body and soul like this one did."

   - Marielizabeth Barker, Henderson, NV

Divinely Directed
Each Divinely Directed call is unique. However, a typical call features a subtle field being held. Within this sacred space, each person receives the specific awakening, healing, or spiritual experience that serves their highest good

In addition to these customized individual experiences, the group often blends together as a single divine being. Words like "bliss" and "euphoria" simply aren't adequate to describe some of the ecstatic spiritual experiences we share in the inner worlds!
Individual and Group Healing

You'll support the individual healing of the people on this call . . . and get one of your own, even if you aren't in the hot seat.

The magic of this process is in the combined healing intentions of everyone who participates. You're sure to receive "bounceback healing" as you hold space for others!

This event is so helpful to everyone (hot seat or not) that we do it twice a month!

Gentle Group Healing

This event gives you the healing that serves your highest good ... as gently as possible. We'll invoke healing, relax, and let our divine allies work their restorative magic!

Video: Yolanda's Healing Experience
Yolanda describes her "hot seat" experience during an Individual and Group Healing event.
Healing Invocation Variations Practice

Many Awakening Plus members don't take full advantage of our Healing Invocation's three potent variations! These can help you easily, quickly and safely ...

Proactively heal a trauma you know about,

*  Have your higher self pull up the next trauma in line to be healed, even if you don't know what it is, and,

Transform relentlessly chattering thoughts to whisper-quiet stillness.

In this guided group experience, we'll practice as many of these variations as time allows. Join us to increase your mastery of these super-helpful Healing Invocation variations!

Hollow Reed and Custom Invocations Practice

Many Awakening Plus members don't take full advantage of our "Hollow Reed" and Custom invocations! These can help you quickly and easily ...

Heal and bless others – simply by calling it in and being a "hollow reed."

Call in any kind of energy you want – anytime you want it!

In this guided group experience, we'll practice the "Hollow Reed" and Custom invocations. Join us to increase your mastery of these potent Instant Divine Assistance Invocations!

Feeling overwhelmed by all these events? Remember, when you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, you don't load up your plate with every single entree. Because Awakening Plus offers such a wide variety of events, you can pick and choose the particular ones that work best for you!

New Earth Support Team

In this popular event, we first create our sacred container and invoke embodied awakening. Then we let our divine allies know that we've come to serve the great global awakening. They take it from there!

Our spiritual service is routinely rewarded with personal healing, spiritual upgrades and profound bliss.

5D Immersion

5D consciousness can include:

1. Unity consciousness. Everything is interconnected and part of a larger whole. In 5D, you can experience oneness with all things.

2. Higher vibrational frequency. This encompasses positive emotions such as love, joy, and peace, as well as greater empathy and compassion.

3. Multi-dimensionality. This can include heightened intuition and spiritual awareness, as well as helpful information from higher dimensions.

4. Non-judgment. In 5D, it's obvious that everyone and everything is inherently worthy of love and respect. Forgiveness and understanding are easier.

5. Co-creation. 5D consciousness recognizes that we all co-create our reality, manifesting what we want with our intentions. You can have a greater sense of personal empowerment and responsibility for your life and the world you inhabit.

For me, 5D also feels like "bliss puree"!

In this event, we invoke the maximum 5D consciousness that serves highest good. Your experience may include some or all of the above, and/or the clearing of whatever's blocking your experience of them. Prepare for breakthrough!

Unconditional Love Immersion

Unconditional love has many extraordinary qualities. It's a blended field of blissful awareness, completely beyond ego. And there's absolute free will, with the clear knowing that everything is perfect exactly as it is.

We invoke the maximum experience of unconditional love that serves highest good and see what unfolds!

Guest Presenters
There are 20+ guest presentations in the archive so far! Titles include:

*  Using Pain as a Gift
*  Planetary Magic for Healing and Awakening

*  Seraphim Blueprint Meditation

*  Heart-Powered Miracles

*  Karmic Eddies: Personal Vibrational Healing

*  Attuning to Your Akashic Records
*  Reawaken Your DNA Light Codes

*  Gifts in Funny Wrapping Paper

*  Intuitive Reiki Healing

*  The Work of Byron Katie

*  Release Multidimensional Vows & Promises That Hold You Back

*  Money is Magic: Activating and Embodying Your Currency Flow

*  Heal Your Wounded Inner Child

*  Celtic Mysticism

*  Embody Higher States of Consciousness & Activate Sacred Geometry DNA Codes

*  Crystallized Andara Energy Healing

*  Unique Genius Activation

*  Akashic Records Channeling

*  Divine Blueprint Activation

The diverse techniques and perspectives of our guest presenters are sure to enrich your spiritual journey!
2.  Recorded Events
Most Awakening Plus events are recorded, and you can replay them anytime. The energy of each event is held in the recording, and your experience with the recording can be powerfully transformative!

Your Awakening Plus membership includes unlimited access to all recordings.

Some members discover favorite recordings, and play them over and over. No matter how often you experience the same recording, it can always take you deeper!

In fact, repeating a recording can give you a completely different experience. Rather than being frozen in the recordings, our divine allies are always present in real time. This allows them to give you exactly what you need in each moment

We have a huge library of over 650 recorded events that you can stream and/or download ... with more always being added!

But even with such a huge archive, you won't get overwhelmed. That's because our special guide -- "The Best Awakening Plus Archive Events" -- describes and links to the most awesome events.
Let this time-saving guide point you toward the archived events that will help you most. Strategically accelerate your evolution with the "Awakening Plus" events that are best for you right now!

"I most enjoy the flexibility to enjoy your activations and invocations at a time that serves me. It is truly amazing how the energy stays within each recording so powerfully.

"I have relistened to several of the recordings, and each time I receive a unique experience! One recording was so powerful my spirit left my body completely. I am in complete gratitude for your service and blessings to all."

     -- Tracy

3.  Courses

In addition to live and recorded events, Awakening Plus also includes enlightening courses you won't find anywhere else!

"Instant Divine Assistance Invocations: Fast and Easy Awakening, Healing, and More" contains the same information as my #1 bestselling book. The material is presented in easy-to-learn, bite-size sections.

You get each section as written text and a downloadable MP3. Choose the format(s) that best support how you learn!

Not only that, I guide you through the most important invocations step by step on video and audio. This lets you easily experience the amazing power of these invocations!

Here's the life-transforming information that awaits you in this course:

*  The Embodied Awakening Invocation

*  The Healing Invocation

*  IDA Invocation Daily Maintenance

*  Four Ways to Use the Healing Invocation

*  The Hollow Reed Invocation: How to Be a Conduit for Highest Good Energy

*  Invocation Construction Kit

*  Invocations for Specific Challenges, Including Specific Psychological Challenges, 12-Step Programs, and the Seven Chakras

* Support to Stay on Track

* And much more!

Self-Guided IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy) walks you through one of the most amazing trauma healing systems I've ever encountered.

Several members, after doing the guided process in this course, reported the complete, permanent healing of old emotional wounds ... after just one session!

I'm with you via the MP3s, which are also transcribed. I explain what you need to know, and guide you through an IFS healing session step by step. You can take as long as you like with each step of the process. And you can do this on your own, whenever you like!

I've worked with 10,000+ clients. Yet even those who are spiritually conscious often use only a fraction of the metaphysical assistance available to them.

In our "Your Divine Allies: Let Them Help You More!" course, you'll learn fast, simple ways to identify and connect with your divine allies more effectively. Your divine allies could be more eager and willing to help you than you realize!

Whoever your high-vibration allies are ... or even if you haven't partnered with them yet ... this course will show you how to benefit more from the miraculous support they offer you. There's so much more that can be delegated to your divine helpers ... and that they'd be truly delighted to do for you!

Many more courses are coming. And your membership includes complete access to them all!

4.  Community Support
Community Support Calls

I often talk to people who feel lonely and isolated in their spiritual life. Some don't know anyone in their area who’s pursuing a metaphysical path. They feel called to the spiritual journey, but have no community to support them.

In other cases, the metaphysical people someone knows locally haven’t formed a spiritual practice or support group. Or, if they have, the group vibe just doesn’t feel right.

Is there no spiritual support group in your area? Or are you not comfortable with the existing groups?

Our members tell me that they feel nurtured by a strong sense of community within Awakening Plus. We cultivate this with numerous live events, including a monthly Community Support call.

You can get your questions answered, share your spiritual insights, and create supportive friendships. If you've been looking for like-minded spiritual seekers, you can find them in Awakening Plus!

Video: Community Support
To be honest, our Forum is usually pretty quiet. Most members prefer to connect live during our community-focused Zoom events, or during the Q&A at the end of every Zoom event. But I expect the Forum to get more lively as Awakening Plus keeps growing.
Ask Us Anything
In this lively event, offered every month, you can ask whatever's on your mind. Answers might come from me, or you might benefit from the wisdom of other members.
Questions relating to the core themes of Awakening Plus — healing, awakening, and spiritual service — are especially welcome.
Office Hours
Have something you want to discuss with me, without it being recorded? I'll be waiting for you on Zoom. Come and go anytime during this two-hour window.

The time makes it easier for our members in places like Europe and the UK to talk with me, but all members are welcome!

Astrology Mini-Readings
Every other month, I do brief personal mini-readings, first-come first-served. To respect member privacy, these events aren't recorded.
I've been a professional astrologer for 18+ years, and have done 10,000+ readings.
Outside Awakening Plus, I charge clients $4/minute for this service. Just popping in for mini-readings could more than justify your Awakening Plus investment!
Members Helping Members
Some Awakening Plus members offer their support to their fellow members in the spirit of sacred service, without expecting anything back. 
Would you like some free personal support? As a member, you're welcome to contact our capable volunteers!
The Awakening Plus Group Energy Field
Over the years, our Awakening Plus community has created a potent group energy field! It's maintained and strengthened by our frequent Zoom calls, the divine consciousness held by the individual members, and the blessings I send to all members in my daily spiritual practice.

As soon as you become a member, you begin receiving the blessings of this group energy. It continuously supports and accelerates your healing, awakening, and personal evolution. It's a subtle but important benefit of your Awakening Plus membership!

5.  Accountability Partner
Lots of people love working with an accountability partner. Why? They're more likely to accomplish their goals!

It's human nature: after a while, we tend to lose momentum toward new objectives. Even those of us with the best intentions tend to slip back into old patterns. 

How can you maximize the odds that you'll accomplish your goals -- including your spiritual aspirations?
The Association for Talent Development found that when people check in regularly with an accountability partner, their chance of success skyrockets to 95%. Wow!

That's where an Awakening Plus accountability partner can support you. For example, if you choose to use my Embodied Awakening invocation, your "check-in buddy" can help you stick with it every day.

How you work with your Accountability Partner -- including topics, frequency, and how you communicate -- is totally up to you two. Daily, twice a week, weekly -- it's your choice. 

Some people pay hundreds of dollars a year just for an accountability partner program. But it's included at no extra charge in Awakening Plus. Having an accountability partner may become one of your most valuable membership benefits!
Why and How

Hi! I'm Benjamin Bernstein. I run Awakening Plus.

Why did I create Awakening Plus?

Because it's my life purpose ... and greatest joy! ... to help people deepen their spiritual awakening, heal on all levels, and fulfill their soul mission! 

How am I qualified to help you with this?

For starters, I've been running online spiritual support memberships for over eight years. I know how to call in and maintain safe sacred space. This ensures that you'll have a helpful experience that serves your highest good -- whether you're experiencing a live call or a recording.

Also, I help people for a living. I’ve done over 10,000 Astrology, Shamanic Healing, and Life Coaching sessions with clients all over the world. They've given me hundreds of 5-star reviews (highest rating), and I’ve won three “Best Astrologer” awards.

Not only that, I wrote the book on the invocations at the heart of Awakening Plus -- literally! Instant Divine Assistance: Your Complete Guide to Fast and Easy Spiritual Awakening, Healing, and More is a #1 Amazon bestseller, and has over 150 5-star reviews.

I'm also qualified to help you because of how I've lived my personal life. The unconventional paths I've walked have taught me so much!

I’ve logged over 64 years in this body so far, with relentless devotion to my personal, shamanic, and spiritual growth. I forged ahead when I was scared, learned the wisdom of following my inner guidance, and discovered how to reframe “mistakes” as learning experiences. I’ve lived an adventurous life, devoted to fulfilling my soul purpose … and can help you do it too!

Specifically Shamanic

I was called to be a shamanic healer by ayahuasca, the living spirit of a powerful sacred plant medicine. I’ve traveled to the Peruvian jungle five times to participate in deep-immersion ceremonial work with ayahuasca.

I've participated in over 300 ayahuasca and other plant spirit ceremonies. This profound work radically accelerated my healing and awakening process, and has been central to the development of my shamanic healing abilities. I also did an intensive multi-year private shamanic apprenticeship.

I'm an ordained Shamanic Minister and a certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. I've also learned valuable tools and techniques from other shamanic traditions.

Thanks to all this, "walking between the worlds" is my daily reality. My "sixth sense" awareness of the spiritual realm is always on. I love serving as a clear pipeline for the divine energy and information that can most help you!

This is a miraculous program for entering into the stillness – so simple and yet so powerful ... I have gone through a lot of different programs over the years, but I find this one truly enhancing my life.

   - Anne Lise, Norway

  • When are the live events?

    First, a little perspective. As noted above, most Awakening Plus members don't do the live calls. They actually prefer the recordings! To explain why, I'll quote from Tracy's testimonial above:

    "I most enjoy the flexibility to enjoy your activations and invocations at a time that serves me ... It is truly amazing how the energy stays within each recording so powerfully. I have relistened to several of the recordings, and each time I receive a unique experience!"

    Most live events are recorded and added to the archive. You can stream or download any of these 650+ recordings anytime. The energy of the event is held in the recording, and your experience can be powerfully transformative! The divine allies are present in real time, and always give you exactly what you need.

    I'm making such a big deal about this to drive home a simple point. Even if you NEVER attend a live online event, you can still reap tremendous benefit from the recordings ... as well as everything else that Awakening Plus offers.

    So now I'll answer the question more directly. You can join our live calls via Zoom or phone. Based on member preference, we usually do ...

    * A variety of different Zoom events every Monday and Wednesday, and on most Thursdays. (You can read descriptions of these above.)

    * A daytime Office Hours call on the first Tuesday of each month.

    * Astrology Mini-Readings every other month.

    * Monthly Community Support and Ask Us Anything events.

    All calls are at 8 pm US Eastern time, unless otherwise announced.

    We usually have at least eleven Zoom calls per month. All but two of them are members-only.

  • Your descriptions of embodied awakening, and how easy it is to achieve, sound too good to be true. Aren’t you exaggerating?

    A state of consciousness is inconceivable to a person who hasn't experienced it yet. Before I encountered embodied awakening, I would have had trouble believing it was possible. A completely peaceful state with no mental chatter and no challenging emotions? That maintains itself with no effort? Get real!

    I totally understand if you're skeptical. But the fact is that I've helped thousands of people achieve embodied awakening. Many had never even meditated before, but typically eased into the state in five or ten minutes. I've guided people into embodied awakening at noisy parties, and at music festivals with rock music blaring so loud that I had to shout the instructions into their ear!

    Fortunately, awakening isn't as hard as it used to be. The veils between the worlds are getting thinner every day.

    Many venerable spiritual paths teach that awakening takes many years. And when those teachings were given, that may have been true. But, with the Embodied Awakening Invocation, I've repeatedly witnessed most people achieve a basic awakening quickly and easily.

    All I can do is offer this experience to you at no risk. If you're not completely satisfied, you're protected by our risk-free guarantee.

Video: How Members Experience the Invocations

"The most powerful experience I’ve ever had … I feel peaceful for the first time in a very long while."

   - Dr. Carrie L.

  • Will embodied awakening eliminate my suffering?

    You’ll almost certainly continue to experience some disharmonious thoughts and emotions after awakening. Most people do, including me!

    These patterns are deeply ingrained in your ego. They don't magically disappear the moment you wake up. The difference after you awaken -- and it's huge -- is that you can now choose how to engage with challenging energies. And you no longer have to suffer when they arise!

    Before awakening, most people think they are having thoughts and emotions. After awakening, you see that thoughts and emotions pop up on their own. They're like uninvited guests barging in for a surprise visit.

    You don't necessarily have to do anything about thoughts and emotions. After awakening, you understand that you can choose to engage with them -- or just let them pass by.

    Before awakening, for example, you may believe that "I'm getting angry." After awakening, you see that anger is simply arising. It's not your anger. You can choose to fuel the anger's fire -- or relax back into the absolute peace that you are.

    As an awakened person, you no longer take thoughts and emotions personally. They lose their power to make you suffer. Over time, challenging thoughts and emotions arise less and less. Your "new normal" becomes a serene mind and a peaceful heart.

  • What kind of recordings are already in the library?

    The library contains over 650 recordings of spiritual events! To help you choose, each recording includes a title, description and duration.

    Categories include:

    More Gentle

    *  Heal And Awaken Invocations
    *  Ecstatic Divine Group Consciousness

    More Intense

    *  Group Healing
    *  Individual and Group Healings

    Most Intense

    *  Shamanic Awakening Ceremonies
    *  Shamanic Breathwork

    Other Categories

    *  Music-Guided Journey
    *  Divinely Directed
    *  Guest Presenters
    *  New Earth Support Team
    *  Special Topics
    *  Mostly Q&A

    And, as I mentioned above, our special guide -- "The Best Awakening Plus Archive Events" -- describes and links to the "best of the best" events in each category. Let this time-saving guide point you toward the archived events that will help you most right now!


  • What's so special about Awakening Plus and your invocations for healing and awakening? Why should I choose this, when there are lots of other great programs and spiritual techniques out there?

    Of course, Awakening Plus and my invocations aren't the only way to experience your awakening. There are many beautiful paths to divine union.

    But, after almost 50 years on the spiritual path...

    These invocations are the quickest and most efficient tools of their kind I've ever experienced. No other self-help technique I know can help a person experience and maintain embodied awakening so easily. They're so simple: you ask for an energetic state, then chill out while your higher self delivers it!

    These invocations work for the vast majority who use them ... even if they've never meditated before. And the key components of Awakening Plus -- live calls, recordings, enlightening courses, community-focused events, accountability partner, and more -- are specifically designed to help you stay on track and optimize your spiritual journey.

    Maybe you're checking out Awakening Plus for a very good reason. Did your higher self guide you here? Will your Awakening Plus experiences spark life-transforming breakthroughs?

    You'll never know until you try. All I can offer you is the risk-free opportunity to experience Awakening Plus for yourself!
It's Time to Master the Challenges

Life can be hard, especially with a new age rising! This momentous shift is happening now … which is why we’re dealing with major issues like the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, abortion rights, climate change, systemic racism, and so much more. All the toxic sludge from 5000 years of dominator culture is flushing up from the depths to be cleared.

Is it any wonder you’re dealing with so much worry, mind chatter, and fear? That you can be frozen by indecision and fear of judgment? Even many highly evolved people are struggling with stress, anxiety, and a host of other challenges these days.

But, even in these volatile times, Awakening Plus can help you feel safe and secure. Bold and confident. Tranquil and relaxed.

The embodied awakening you'll cultivate will help you know that "all is well" ... even amidst all this craziness! And if you're inspired to help others, your fine-tuned inner guidance will reveal how you can be of the greatest service.

"You have absolutely transformed my life … What you do…just trajects me to other realms. I adore your teachings, your singing, your insights and your relaxed humor ... This is how connecting with Source should be."

Infinite gratitude, Terri Strous, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Risk-Free Membership Options

Are you ready to awaken, heal and thrive? Joining Awakening Plus is simple and risk-free.

Whether you choose a "30 Days for $1" trial or an annual membership, you get full access to everything I've described:

*  At least eleven live Zoom calls to choose from each month (all but two are members-only).

*  Archive of 650+ life-transforming events with "Best of" Guide.

*  "Instant Divine Assistance Invocations: Fast and Easy Awakening, Healing, and More" course.

*  Self-Guided IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy) course.

*  "Your Divine Allies: Let Them Help You More!" course.

*  Monthly Community Support call.

*  Monthly "Ask Us Anything" call.

*  Monthly "Office Hours" call.

*  "Astrology Mini-Readings" calls.

*  "Members Helping Members" service.

*  Accountability partner.

*  Continuous support from the Awakening Plus group energy field.

*  And more!

If you decide that Awakening Plus isn't a good fit for you, just email me to cancel your membership within 30 days. You'll receive a full refund if you chose an annual membership, and there will be no further charges to your account.

If you remain a member after a "30 days for $1" trial membership, we'll automatically debit $29/month from your account each month. You can cancel anytime and owe nothing more. (If $29/month is more than you can afford, just let me know you want the exact same membership benefits for the scholarship rate of $19/month.)

An annual membership gives you 12 months for the price of 10, and saves you $58/year! If you choose this option, you'll be billed $299 for each annual renewal. You can cancel anytime and owe nothing more.

Rate Lock Guarantee. Your membership rate is guaranteed as long as you remain a member. No matter how much the price goes up in the coming years, your rate will always stay the same. Awakening Plus rewards your loyalty!

The choice is yours. Does Awakening Plus feel like a good fit for you? Are you ready to awaken, heal, and thrive?

If so, choose your membership option below to get started!

Questions? Contact me!

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Either choice gives you:

* At least eleven live Zoom calls to choose from each month *

* Archive of 650+ life-transforming events, with "Best of" Guide *

* "Instant Divine Assistance Invocations: Fast and Easy Awakening, Healing, and More" course *

* Self-Guided IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy) course *

* "Your Divine Allies: Let Them Help You More!" course *

* Monthly community support calls *
* Monthly "Ask Us Anything" calls *
* Monthly "Office Hours" calls *
* "Members Helping Members" service
* "Astrology Mini-Readings" calls *

* Accountability partner *
* The Awakening Plus group energy field *
* And more! *
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Instant Divine Assistance: Your Free Guide to Fast and Easy Awakening, Healing, and More
Who knew healing and spiritual awakening could be so easy?
Click to watch my free video. Learn how easy it can be to:

   * Experience spiritual awakening within seconds — just by requesting it from your higher self.
   * Quickly and permanently heal a serious challenge — even one that's caused you years of physical, emotional or mental suffering — by delegating the work to your inner healer.
   * Call in any kind of energy you want — anytime you want it.
   * Heal and bless others — simply by calling it in and being a "hollow reed."

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