"Can you interpret my chart for me?"

Imagine hearing this and smiling ... because you’ve finally cracked the code of natal interpretation! With just a little prep time, you can take anyone’s chart and answer all the important questions about it. Career, life purpose, relationships ... anything! 

Not only that, soon you'll know how to interpret moving planets … and could even become a professional astrologer!

But Right Now ...

You’re frustrated because you can't pull together a coherent chart interpretation ... even after staring down a chart for hours. Why won’t that maddening jumble of planets, signs, houses and aspects reveal its deeper meaning? 

It’s not like you haven’t put in the effort! You’ve read lots of books, posts and articles on astrology, and listened to plenty of podcasts. You really want to help people by interpreting their charts. What’s it going to take before you can make sense of a horoscope?
Once It Finally Clicks

And when that magical understanding finally clicks in? Imagine the satisfaction of helping a friend or client understand their life purpose … their optimal career ... or the qualities of their ideal partner.

Not only that, imagine how great it will feel to understand these things about yourself! And imagine how wonderful you'll feel, knowing that you can finally do a great natal chart interpretation. It's a major milestone in your journey toward astrological mastery!

You can accomplish this … and lots more … in the Astrology Mentoring Membership (AMM). 
How AMM Will Help You Get There

You’ll join other students at your Beginning ability level for two 90-minute mentoring classes each month. Your questions are welcome! And all classes are permanently archived, so you can watch any that you miss. 

But AAMM is so much more than just your mentoring classes. You'll be part of a vibrant online community where you can get your questions answered, share your wisdom and create lasting friendships with other students.

You can team up with your peers to interpret the charts that fascinate you most. Plus I'll be a regular in the community, suggesting fun projects, answering questions and offering direction.

World-Class Astrology Mentoring
AMM will give you world-class astrology mentoring that supports you in unique and wonderful ways. I've covered a lot of these already ... and here's some more!
  • You’ll learn how to get crucial insights into any part of a person's life ... by skillfully integrating their planets, points, signs, houses and aspects. For any chart, we can discuss life purpose, career, relationships, money, and communication style. We can delve into home, family, shadow work, leadership, creativity, service and health.

    But that's not all. What about occult practices, teaching and inspiring others, group affiliations and manifestation? And let's not forget inspired creativity and spiritual awakening. The natal chart covers all this and more!

  • Some mentoring groups are on Facebook, where there are a million distractions. We have our own private platform, distraction-free, so you can stay focused on astrology.
  • Our class content will be strongly influenced by the students. Let me know what you want to learn, and what charts you'd like to use.
  • Not only do you get access to the live and recorded classes at your level ... but you can also audit the Level 2 class recordings. No extra charge!
Amazing Value!

This membership is only $69/month. Not only that, you'll be locked in at that bargain rate as long as you remain a member! The cost of this membership will go up in the future. Even if others eventually end up paying $150 or $200 per month, this low $69/month rate will be yours as long as you stay.

(There's also a less expensive Auditing Membership. I'll tell you more about that after the FAQs.)

And it keeps getting better. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee. 

If you're not happy with this membership, just email me within the first 30 days. I'll refund your money promptly. And if you stay past 30 days, then decide to leave later, you can stop your payments anytime. No contracts, no penalties.

You can enjoy even greater savings by choosing an annual membership. It saves you $138 per year compared to the monthly rate. That's like getting two months free every year! And you're still protected by my 30-day money-back guarantee.

"Benjamin is a phenomenal astrology mentor! He really knows his stuff ... AND how to communicate it directly, clearly and with compassion."
     -- Corrin Evans
  • Will you have a predetermined course curriculum?

    No. With mentoring, I find it best to stay open to whatever serves the students' highest good. 

    My Mercury in Pisces loves to teach from an inspired flow state. But my Virgo Moon, along with my sixth house Mars, Venus and Saturn in Capricorn, create an effective learning structure.

    On top of that, my Aquarius Sun and Uranus rising keep it fun and spontaneous. So we'll have a great time! The students help create the agenda, and definitely influence which charts we study.
  • What are the optional projects between classes?

    Whatever charts or topics the students are most excited about! Our forum makes it easy for students to work together, so they'll make friends and deepen personal connections as they learn.
  • How will you decide whose ideas and charts get used in class?

    My first priority will be to choose charts and topics that help everyone learn. As long as that's happening, I'll give as many students as possible a chance to have their topics and charts used.
  • How active will you be in the community between classes?

    I'll usually check in every day. I’ll be suggesting topics, encouraging conversations and answering questions when appropriate. This membership is my baby, and I'll be giving it special nurturing!
  • What if a student chooses the wrong mentoring level?

    I'd see that quickly. It's important that the students are near the same level. I'd simply reassign the misplaced student to the right level.
  • Do Level 1 and Level 2 have different prices?

    Your investment is the same whether you choose Level 1 or Level 2.
  • Will you be getting into any of your shamanic or spiritual stuff?

    With my clients, I like to be not only accurate, but helpful too. Astrology is fantastic for bringing insight, while my spiritual and shamanic tools can help clients make profound and lasting change in their lives. If students are open to it, I'm happy to teach them appropriate experiential modalities that will help their clients.
  • What students would NOT be a good fit here?

    A student wouldn't be a good fit if they believe that misfortune is inevitable because of some challenging aspect, or if they see humans as helpless pawns being moved around by the planets.

    I believe that a person can always make planetary energies more life-affirming. There may be some fate in the mix, like an incoming soul deliberately setting up certain challenges for itself. But I think we have plenty of free will.

    Secondly, shamanism and spirituality are fundamental to my worldview, and can strongly color my interpretations. So a student who has major issues with those also might not be a good fit.

    A third issue could be if a student wants to learn something I don't teach. I do Western tropical astrology. It's humanistic, psychological and spiritual. I've been influenced by astrologers such as Steven Forrest, Stephen Arroyo, Dane Rudhyar, Greg Bogart, Eric Meyers, Richard Tarnas, Renn Butler, and my late mentor Kelly Lee Phipps. I don't use much from pre-Rudhyar styles of astrology in my practice, and don't teach those earlier varieties. 

    Finally, a student wouldn't fit in here is if they're not a nice person. Students can challenge ideas all they want -- that can be good for learning -- but I insist that they do so with courtesy and respect. If they won't stop being rude or abusive after I give them fair warning, I’ll end their membership.

  • Why did you put all that  bonus study material in the archive?

    Those are MP3s, with corresponding chart PDFs, extracted from my This Week in Astrology podcast. I do interactive readings with my listeners. I also interview other astrologers and do solo interpretations of celebrity and listener charts.

    In all these MP3's, other than the interviews, I give detailed explanations of how I got to my interpretations. Listening to these can be extremely helpful for someone who's learning how to think like an astrologer. 

    It's extremely convenient for the students to have these teaching sections already extacted from the podcasts. This way, they don't have to hunt them down in my full-show podcast archives. Plus, they can discuss what they're learning from the archive with other students in the forum.

    By the way, there are lots more of these gems yet to be mined from my podcasts. We’ll be adding them to the archive as we move forward. Still, launching with over 100 of these MP3/PDF sets in the archive is a great start!

Palmyra Fantopoulou did 10 hours of intensive astrology mentoring with Benjamin via Zoom this summer. She said, “Benjamin would always respond to my questions with enthusiasm, encouraging and supporting me on all levels. He even provided me with tools and insight on how to start my own business, encouraging me to trust myself and my interpreting skills. This was exactly the boost I needed to get past my fears and resistance!
Class Schedule & Auditing Option

Level 1 currently meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 8 pm US eastern time. If this doesn't fit your schedule ... or if you can't afford $69/month ... you can choose a reduced-rate Auditing Membership instead. 

Under the special, an Auditing Membership is only $39/month, compared to $69/month for live class participation. Auditing lets you access all the class recordings for both levels. You can also suggest topics and charts for the Level 2 classes. 

If you choose Auditing, you get everything the live participants do ... except live participation! 
And if you try Auditing and don't like it, it won't cost you anything ... just use my 30-day money-back guarantee.

(One final note on class times. I plan to survey the students every quarter to see what days and times work best for them. If the current class time doesn't work, the class may eventually move to a time that's more convenient for you.)
Final Thoughts

So here you are, wanting to master natal chart interpretation. You want to help others understand themselves better. And you want more insight into your own human journey. 

But you're not there yet. You're still feeling frustrated because you can't extract the deeper meaning from a natal chart. You’re not an AstroJedi yet.

But your AstroYoda I am willing to be!
I'll make sure you're in the right mentoring level. I'll give you clear, helpful, fun group mentoring that will help you master natal chart interpretation faster. I'll be supporting you in the membership forum between classes.

Most of all, I'll help you get to that major milestone ... where you really can help friends and clients understand their life purpose, their optimal career, the qualities of their ideal partner, and more.

Lock in your low membership rate now -- only $69 per month for live class participation, guaranteed to never go up as long as you stay a member. Or choose the annual membership and save even more. Either way, your investment is protected by my 30-day money back guarantee

If you choose the Auditing Membership -- because of a schedule conflict, or because it fits your budget better -- it's only $39/month. This price is guaranteed as long as you stay a member. And an annual Auditing Membership saves you even more!

You can pay using PayPal, or with a debit or credit card. Just click one of the red order buttons at the bottom of this page

I look forward to helping you be the best possible astrologer ... inside the Astrology Mentoring Membership!

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